Now Hiring

Zeus Jones is looking for senior creatives who have an ambitious view of the future.

Being a creative at Zeus Jones is not like being a creative at another agency. For one thing, we don’t just focus on communications—we do everything from product development, to service design, to overall brand experience. The same creative muscles and problem-solving skills are invaluable—but the problems we’re applying those skills to are always new.

The creative group at Zeus Jones has a diverse range of experiences and skillsets—there are writers, visual storytellers, and a specialization that we call culture connectors. This last role is all about helping brands understand what is happening in culture and then working with the client and the Zeus Jones team to figure out what actions we should take. These ideas can take the shape of new product and brand development, service development, partnership work, or more traditional communications. Creatives lead the vision and execution for all of these moving pieces.

In many ways, we’re looking for a modern creative director who is still excited about the work and willing to get their hands dirty along with the team. We don’t have anyone who just tells others what to do and reviews their work.

Here’s a list of the skills and qualities we’re looking for:

  • Deeply connected to culture—always in search of what’s new and next
  • Proven ability and comfort in working with and fostering relationships with very senior clients and creative leaders
  • Ability to think through an ambitious and inspiring future-state experience; skilled at crafting and selling a vision of the future
  • Passion paired with humility; a unique POV and deep interests outside of work
  • Inspiring team leaders who are not top-down in their approach—they push their fellow collaborators forward through inspiration, vision, and energy
  • Experienced, yet open-minded and willing try new ways of doing things
  • Expressive, inspiring, energetic
  • Hard skill could be from a writing or visual storytelling background

What’s great about working at Zeus?

Freedom: You’ll have a lot of it. From not tracking hours or vacation, to steering the course of your own project—you’ll feel an immense amount of ownership over your work and your job. There’s no one here to babysit or dictate—but there is ample guidance and support around every corner.

Novelty: The problems we work on are always different, always challenging, and typically pretty hairy. The good news is that you’re never bored because of it—you’ll always be challenged by the next big thing.   

Inspiration: Be surrounded by brilliant people all day—these are humble, hard-working co-workers with deep expertise. Everyone at Zeus is here because they’re interested in constantly pushing themselves in their pursuit to bring something new to the table.

If interested, please apply below with your resume and a link to your portfolio.