Health care strategy
How service innovation can make health care more human

The status quo for health care just isn’t good enough.

Patients don’t feel served. Doctors don’t feel like they’re able to provide the best care. And hospitals and clinics are struggling, more than ever, to give both patients and caregivers what they need and stay solvent. There are so many details, so many barriers, and so many problems that it’s hard to see past them.

But there are also so many opportunities to change lives. To serve communities. And to help give an industry that’s a necessary and even noble part of our everyday lives the power to change itself for the better.

In order to accomplish that change, we have to make it feasible. In order to focus on health, rather than sickness, we have to find a way to make seeking and receiving care a positive, even fulfilling, experience.

In order to transform health care, we have to increase demand for the future of care itself.

When we look at health care with those goals in mind, we see three major, industry-changing areas of opportunity:

The Humanity of Technology.

Tech isn’t just about making health care more efficient or even more effective. It’s about making health care more human. When you transform health care into something that’s easier and more comfortable, not just for patients, but for doctors, nurses, and families, you make health care an experience worth seeking out.

The Shift to Impact.

For too long, health has been measured by fixing what’s broken. When you measure health not by the absence of something negative — a disease cured, an injury healed — but instead, by the presence of something positive — a healthy heart, a body that performs — you remake the industry itself.

The Focus on Experience.

People make decisions based on how they feel, not on numbers or even, often, facts. There’s an approach to health care that transforms the details and the figures into real human experiences. It’s an approach that changes the way providers understand their patients — and that serves all of them, and the business, better.

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When you think about health care as a set of opportunities like these, you start to see how the goals of patients and providers can inspire not just change, but also the means to pay for that change.

We’re interested in hearing from companies who want to work with us to change health care for the better.