Claire Dawson

Claire works as a Creative at Zeus Jones, where she specializes in writing copy, developing content, and correcting everyone’s grammar.

Before working at Zeus Jones, Claire was an English teacher, admissions officer, and stage manager.

She studied Renaissance poetry and anthropology in college and spent so much time backstage at the theatre that the department thought she was a drama major. In her free time, she reads way too many books, experiments with new recipes, and plays board games and watches movies with her husband.

Little Known Talents

  • Can navigate by the stars
  • Makes incredible satay
  • Has never been beaten by a human at Bust-a-Move

Keys to Claire’s Heart

  • Food: Brie, cherries, good steak, and champagne
  • Music: Muse, Irish Traditional, “99 Luftballons”
  • Experience: Finding places that seem secret and mysterious