Emily Hoyne

Emily works as a Creative at Zeus Jones, specializing in solving problems with big ideas, telling tales and coloring outside the lines.

Before working at Zeus Jones Emily was a senior creative at agencies like Olson and Leo Burnett, illustrated a series of children’s books, and created a paper art business.

In Emily’s free time, she likes to cook (and of course eat), hit the gym, and spend time on Lake Pepin soaking up the sun.

Little Known Talents

  • Never, ever seen without a Diet Coke
  • Can spill, trip or fall anywhere and at anytime
  • Knows how to hang ten on a surfboard

Keys to Emily’s Heart

  • Food: Ummmm… yeah. When and where? And are there cocktails?
  • Music: “In the name of love. What more in the name of….” Oh, you mean like what kind?
  • Experience: Yes, please. Life is full of them.