Heather French

Heather works as a Creative at Zeus Jones, specializing in writing, conceptual thinking and helping people to not take things so frigging seriously. Geez.

Before working at Zeus Jones, Heather was an advertising creative in Minneapolis.

She grew up in Kansas, where she majored in Communications / Graphic Design and sang in choir at a college named Friends University. I.e., FU. In Heather’s free time, she loves to read, work out, talk religion + politics + all those things you’re not supposed to. Oh, and marvel at the small human she created a couple years ago.

Little Known Talents

  • Winning arguments, probably
  • Yodeling along with Julie Andrews
  • Doing voice over stuff, so hire me for things

Keys to Heather’s Heart

  • Food: Yes, please.
  • Music: standards, showtunes, The Hot Club of Cowtown
  • Experience: DANCING. The official partner kind.