Jason Santos

Jason works as a Producer at Zeus Jones, specializing in digital production, project management and hugs.

Before working at Zeus Jones, Jason was a freelance photography and film/video producer, studio manager and, earlier, general babysitter at a punk/garage rock club in San Francisco.

With his get ‘er done temperament and ample Criterion collection, he can school you in anything from film noir essentials to making crackers without an oven. During his free time, he listens to old records, questions being a Red Sox fan, and watches “Overboard” with his wife Beth.

Little Known Talents

  • Can Karaoke “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner and break every heart in the room while doing so.
  • Can build a house, car or boat from the ground up without your help.
  • Can properly shotgun a can of PBR. No spilling.

Keys to Jason’s Heart

  • Food: Good Pho
  • Music: Punk rock
  • Experience: Akira Kurosawa