Now Hir­ing

We’re look­ing for some­one to help shape the future of tech­nol­o­gy at Zeus Jones.

Zeus Jones is a strategic creative and design agency based in Minneapolis. We’ve got over 50 employees who depend on technology every day to get their work done. We’re looking for an Technologist with an internal systems focus, who can not only help us get the most our of our existing technology, but help us stay on the bleeding edge and continuously improve how we get shit done. To do this, we need this person to be deeply embedded in our culture and our work beyond the confines of their role — so we are looking for someone who has both the skills and desire to contribute to our work outside of managing our technology needs. In short, we’re looking for a skilled technologist with a creative skill set who is game to help shape the future of Zeus Jones.

Price of Admission Competencies

  • Passionate and curious about technology and its role in work and culture
  • Empathetic and user oriented, motivated to make technology work better for people
  • First adopter and learning agile, always experimenting and picking up new things
  • Effective communicator, able to translate complex tech into laymen terms
  • Capable trainer and instructor, able to increase technical acumen across 50+ ppl
  • Flexible and friendly, willing to drop everything and be a welcoming troubleshooter
  • Process and detail oriented, able to design and improve complex workflows
  • Proactive and self-motivated, anticipating issues and taking action without direction
  • Willing, able, and interested in contributing to the work of ZJ outside of IT

Some Combination of These Skills

  • Experience and/or familiarity with: iWork, Office, Creative Suite, JAMF MDM, G- Suite, Networking, AV, Box, VPN, InfoSec, Retrospect, Slack. Life Size Conference, Font Suitcase
  • A strong working knowledge of local Apple Retail scene (and other service providers) and how to leverage it to support a SMB’s technology needs
  • Able to conduct some physical repairs, installations, upgrades, in house
  • Creative, design, development, or client experience that can contribute to other projects

Responsible For

  • Building and maintaining all technology, network, and software infrastructure at Zeus Jones
  • New employee technology on-boarding, ongoing technology education, and troubleshooting
  • Data and hardware integrity and security
  • Facilitating key vendor relationships
  • Developing new workflows, rolling out new platforms, improving internal systems