Ellie Schneider

Ellen works as a Creative at Zeus Jones, specializing in creative thinking, brainstorming and perfecting her Post-it Note handwriting.

Before working at Zeus Jones, Ellen kept herself busy with dual degrees in marketing and graphic design at the University of Minnesota and went to a high school named after Pizza Rolls.

In Ellen’s free time, she likes to jog around Lake Calhoun, laugh as much as possible, and make it out to the mountains for some family skiing each year.

Little Known Talents

  • Quoting Friends and Seinfeld for every life situation
  • Excellent gift wrapping skills
  • Cheering on Gopher Football every Saturday. Win or lose.

Keys to Ellie’s Heart

  • Food: Warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Music: Summer hits of the 90s playlist on Pandora
  • Experience: Tipping over sailboats on Lake Harriet