Gordon McIntyre-Lee

Gor­don works as a Design­er at Zeus Jones, spe­cial­iz­ing in expe­ri­en­tial design, brand strat­e­gy and office tem­per­a­ture and light­ing optimization.

Before work­ing at Zeus Jones, Gor­don was a dig­i­tal and brand design­er, Action­Script 3.0 guru hack, instruc­tor at the Col­lege of Visu­al Arts, overnight mer­chan­dis­er, bus boy and sand­wich artist.

In Gordon’s free time, he likes to ride his bike along the riv­er, go on all man­ner of road trips and enjoy lazy Sun­days with his family.

Little Known Talents

  • Mak­ing laser nois­es and pre­tend­ing he can beat box
  • Being a DIY barber
  • Know­ing the lyrics to every song in Frozen

Keys to Gordon’s Heart

  • Food: Thai red curry
  • Music: Min­i­mal­ist piano to hip-hop to pop to folk
  • Experience: Still­ness in the Bound­ary Waters