Heather Hinkel

Heather works as a Strategist at Zeus Jones, specializing in connections strategy, holistic media planning and consumer/​business modeling.

Before working at Zeus Jones, Heather was an Associate Media Director at Olson and studied communications at St. Thomas.

She now resides in downtown Minneapolis. In Heather’s free time, she likes to hit up a good workout class, try new restaurants and travel the globe. But at the end of the day she’s happiest when she’s outside (warm weather preferred).

Little Known Talents

  • Wicked tennis player
  • Spends hours giggling over funny greeting cards
  • Can hunt down the source of any smell with her sensitive sniffer

Keys to Heather’s Heart

  • Food: Wine and cheese (more wine than cheese)
  • Music: Anything that she can sing along to
  • Experience: Traveling to Africa