Kerstin Geisler

Kerstin works as an Accountant at Zeus Jones, specializing in rocking a 10-key and keeping everyone up to date on IRS guidelines for reimbursable expenses.

Before working at Zeus Jones, she was a GL Accountant at IMRIS and received her degree from the University of St. Thomas.

In her free time, she likes doing yoga, hanging out at Lake Harriet and teaming up with her husband to indoctrinate her kids in good music.

Little Known Talents

  • Washing pillows and other forms of deep cleaning
  • Getting her kids to eat a wide range of foods
  • Competitive swimming, trivia and sports

Keys to Kerstin’s Heart

  • Food: Shrimp and Grits, which is nearly impossible to find in this part of the country
  • Music: Old-school alternative
  • Experience: Disconnecting from the world and sitting on a beach