Reuven Perlman

Reuven works as a Cre­ative at Zeus Jones, spe­cial­iz­ing in nim­ble think­ing, cre­ative solu­tions, and incon­sis­tent use of the Oxford comma.

Before work­ing at Zeus Jones, Reuven was a Tech­nol­o­gy Evan­ge­list, writ­ing major and beer slinger.

In Reuven’s free time, he likes to see movies in the the­atre, imi­tate The Onion (poor­ly), and catch up on podcasts.

Little Known Talents

  • Start­ing dance parties
  • Casu­al­ly back­ing out when they become dance circles
  • Total­ly nail­ing hol­landaise sauce 33% of the time

Keys to Reuven’s Heart

  • Food: Chica­go Mix
  • Music: Ratatat
  • Experience: Bel­ly laughs