Trajectory Planning

Trajectory Planning

How might emerging cultural forces change your business? And what capabilities do you need to build today to get ahead

Create the future.

Rigid planning timeframes are less relevant than ever. What you need today is an understanding of what will drive change, and a vision that consists of multiple connected trajectories that ensure you thrive no matter what happens.

By planning for multiple outcomes, you'll be ready for huge shifts that may happen quickly. And by thinking about connected paths from the present to the future, you can build proactively instead of simply letting the future happen.

We'll help you think through the big changes that could dramatically reshape your industry. And create a plan for getting ahead.

How it works


Setting the course

What could the future hold and what are the different trajectories we can envision? We look at emerging science, demographic data, health, and environmental shifts. And we paint a picture of the future that might be


Current Business Audit
Ambition Setting
Six Drivers Of Change Framework


Determine implications

Next, we think through the implications for our category and company. How can we best thrive in this future? What new capabilities are needed? And how do we leverage what we have while also managing for today? Where do we think the biggest opportunity lies—both for the business but also for people and the planet


Drivers Of Change Mapping
Trajectory Identification
Landscape Visualization


Development roadmap

What internal capabilities, partners, and gaps can we identify? What do we already have or need to achieve our future state? How can we push our trajectories apart to plan for future variables?


Trajectories Plan
Capability Building
Organizational Alignment
Workflow Innovation

Here's the change you'll see

We won’t tell you what to do. We’ll chart the course with you.


Quarter-by-Quarter Planning
Single Rigid Roadmap
Category Competition
Reactive Decision Making


Long-Term Vision and Purpose
Multifaceted Trajectories
Category Creation
Self-Determined Planning

We helped Allina Health envision and plan for the future of a more intuitive, technology-and human-powered healthcare experience.

We're working with a Fortune 100 food company to create a long-term vision for the future of food and shifting their business strategy to help shape it.

Ready to plan for the future of your business?

We’ve created a trend report and workbook to help.