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New perspectives
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Shift Quickly

You have no shortage of great ideas and ambitions, but their potential falls short when they’re locked in an endless series of development and iteration. Shift streamlines months of ideation, planning, and alignment into a single day – a day when we bring a new perspective to your biggest challenge, crystallize the opportunity, and create a tangible plan you can act on immediately.

Your Paths Forward


Has your initiative stalled through lack of support or funding? We create a compelling narrative that proves the immediate value of your opportunity and shows your stakeholders how vital it is to their future.


Are you paralyzed by all the things you could be doing, unable to move anything forward? We cut straight to the heart of your strategy, find the best value for your business, and give you the actions you need to realize success.


Do you need to disrupt your team’s way of thinking? We tailor a set of experiences to get you out of your comfort zone and infuse the way you work with new energy.


Are you looking for a way to go beyond just imagining the future and actually create it? We contextualize all the possibilities, help you develop a point of view, and convert it into real actions.


  • How does it work?

    We assess. After determining if Shift is right for you, we’ll discuss your needs to identify your pain points and the best way to plan for the work session — including finding the ideal mix of participants.

    We prepare. Both our team and you/your team will do some prep work ahead of the big day. We’ll also finalize the agenda for the day.

    We Shift. We’ll embark on a full-day work session, where we will develop hypotheses, road test them and make real progress towards your goal.

    We deliver. After completing the workshop, you will receive a refined, actionable output from the day’s session.

  • How long is the SHIFT process?

    Shift is a streamlined process built to help you find new solutions fast. The whole process overall will only take five business days, involving assessments, preparations, a full-day work session, and the final delivery.

  • How many people should I bring?

    You are welcome to go solo and tackle your problem with us, or bring a small team of your best and brightest. We’ll work with you to determine who and how many you might need.

  • How many people from Zeus Jones will be involved?

    Three to four Joneses will lead each work session. We’ll put together a cross-functional team with relevant experience to work with you.

  • What’s the final deliverable?

    Your final deliverable will vary based on which Shift track you utilized.

    Narrative will provide you with a refined pitch deck to take into meetings with leadership, stakeholders or internal teams.

    Action will provide you with a plan for prioritizing ideas and mini project briefs for getting started.

    Perception will provide you with a photo journal containing cultural insights and opportunities gained from the immersion to share with internal teams and stakeholders.

  • How much does the session cost?

    Pricing is fixed at $30,000. The only incremental cost is travel expenses if you’d like us to come to you.

  • Who is Zeus Jones?

    We’re a team of 50 people specializing in Brand + Product Innovation, Service + Experience Design and Marketing Innovation. We got tired of seeing a great idea go by the wayside because decision-makers couldn’t see the potential. We got tired of seeing people stuck in the same alignment meeting over and over again. And we got tired of seeing too many people look to Google for their primary source of inspiration. So we created Shift.

What do you want to shift?

It’s time for a fresh pair of eyes