From Eat Street, with Love
December 20th | 2016
by Robert Skoro

This summer, we moved into a new office on Nicollet Avenue.

It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the Whittier community, but we knew it was important that the community had positive feelings for us, too. That meant we needed to find a way to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors that would contribute to the amazing sense of place and community that defines Nicollet Avenue – and, ideally, one that would share our excitement about it with our friends, clients, partners, and the rest of the Twin Cities.

And the way we found to bring it all together? A cookbook.

From Eat Street, with Love was our way of introducing ourselves to one of the most flavorful neighborhoods in the Midwest. “Eat Street” — as we call it here in Minneapolis — is a unique stretch of 17 blocks on the south side of Nicollet Avenue. Like a miniature culinary United Nations, it has managed to attract and retain restaurants and business owners from all over the world.

But the uniqueness of the food is only the beginning of what makes Eat Street different.

One of the first things we noticed while creating the cookbook was how welcoming and open the neighborhood truly is. Instead of jealously guarding their personal stories and sought-after recipes, most of our neighbors embraced the opportunity to share them with everyone. And this good will and collaboration extended far beyond just recipes. In fact, during our interviews, we heard story after story of business owners helping each other, not to mention their rave reviews of their neighbors’ businesses and flavors.

Creating From Eat Street, with Love allowed us to get to know new people, businesses, and organizations within and beyond our neighborhood. In addition to the 14 restaurants, bars, and cafes that provided us with stories and recipes, we forged new relationships with booksellers like Mia, Magers & Quinn, and Greater Goods. A local printer, Bookmobile, did excellent work making the books themselves (and they helped us out by doing it as a rush job when we sold out far faster than we’d anticipated). And perhaps most importantly, we’re making sure that proceeds go to our neighborhood association, the Whittier Alliance. They do amazing work on behalf of our whole neighborhood, whether it’s for businesses or residents.

That’s the story of how a business innovation and design company published a cookbook. As new members of the Eat Street business community, we are truly humbled by the amazing food and inspiring people this neighborhood has to offer.

We hope you enjoy bringing Eat Street into your home!