Introducing Nostos: How We’re Reinventing the Agency Network
October 30th | 2018

When we launched Zeus Jones we set out to reinvent what an agency could be from the ground up.

Today, I’m excited to announce that along with our four launch partners, we are now reimagining the agency network. We call this new venture Nostos.

Our ambitions for Nostos are as follows: We want it to be more attractive to stay independent than to sell. We want to attract the best independent agencies in the world and solve the biggest business problems. We want every Nostos project to make our partners and our clients stronger, smarter, and better.

At multiple points in our careers, all of the Zeus Jones founders have experienced the aftermath of selling to an agency network.

Because of these experiences, we believe that today’s traditional agency and consultancy networks are broken. They don’t serve the needs of their clients or the agencies that join them. They're designed to maximize profit, monopolize industries, and maintain the status quo. They create monocultures that favor process and efficiency over individual culture and quality of thinking.

Nostos is built to solve the biggest problems facing modern businesses. We're a network of best-in-class agencies with complementary skill sets and diverse industry expertise. We all share similar values and infrastructure, so working with multiple Nostos partners is a seamless experience.

For clients, Nostos means less pushing back and more pushing forward. Nostos offers tight collaboration with a diverse set of agencies that share the same passion for your business. That means better results and bigger solutions. It also means you’ll spend less time managing multiple agency partners who are competing to achieve different goals or to be King of the Hill on your business.

Our partner agencies get all the benefits of integration and none of the downsides. Nostos is based on a partnership agreement and a shared vision, not an exchange of equity. You retain your independence and culture. But you also gain the ability to solve bigger, more ambitious problems, share expertise, and reinvent together.

Today, Nostos begins. We hope you’ll bring us your biggest challenges and join us in writing the future.

Meet the Nostos Launch Partners:

Conscious Minds leads with strategy, engages with storytelling and executes smart productions to add value to brands and people. Conscious Minds has done breakthrough content and digital experiences for a number of world-class brands including Nike, Airbnb, and Uber.

Straight Line Theory specializes in UX design, research, and usability testing. Straight Line has architected new experiences and services for brands like Target, Apple, Google, and 3M.

Tellart harnesses technology to engage with the world in new and transformative ways. They’ve created unique experiences and shaped the future for clients like Toyota, the Van Gogh Museum, Dubai Future Foundation, and S7 Airlines.

Dialog Studios helps clients use content to connect to the people who matter most to them. Dialog works with all sizes of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, education, consumer packaged goods, hospitality/travel, and non-profit.

Zeus Jones invents the future of business by creating products, brands, and experiences that move culture forward. We work at the intersection of technology, food, and healthcare for brands like 3M, Nestlé, United Health Group, General Mills, and Chipotle.

To see the current list of members please visit

Interested in becoming a Nostos partner?

If you are part of an independent agency who wants to help shape the future of Nostos with passionate, like-minded partners please reach out:

*Since publishing this post we've rebranded from Pantheon to Nostos.