When a Holiday Gift Is More than a Holiday Gift
December 20th | 2017
by Claire Dawson

We like to think that our holiday gift isn’t just a gift; it’s also a way to say something about who we are.

And we’re not going to lie – with everything that’s been going on in the world, and especially our country, this year has felt a little darker and a little colder than years past. So, when we got together to think about what our holiday gift should be, we wanted to make it something that brought people together. Something that emphasized what we all have in common more than what keeps us all apart. Something that made the world a little bit warmer.

That desire led us to what we created this year – a custom-designed mug and spice blends to create Mexican hot chocolate and Indian masala chai.

Because, when we got to thinking about it, we realized that it’s actually kind of amazing how universal the idea of hospitality is. It’s amazing how, all over the world, no matter who you are or where you come from, custom demands that you welcome people into your home. And, most of the time, part of that welcome comes in the form of a hot drink.

So, with that in mind, we researched high and low to discover all the warming, welcoming drinks that exist the world over. (And there are a lot – powered orchid root and hot milk, anyone? They say it’s delicious, but we couldn’t find the orchid root, more’s the pity.)

In the end, we landed on Mexican hot chocolate, one that comes from a closer neighbor, and combines familiar chocolate with a welcome hint of spice, and masala chai, from further afield, but still embroidered with the familiar spices that warm the holiday season here at home.

But, in addition to celebrating the universal love of hot drinks and the hospitality they represent, we also wanted to make them beautiful, and to create something that would stick around and remind people of holiday warmth all year round.

So we designed a pattern, inspired by the spices that made our drinks fragrant and welcoming, and used it to design a mug that would make our gift a little bit longer-lasting, and lot more beautiful.

And that’s all there is to it. It might seem like just a gift, but to us, it’s a way to send a message out to the world at this time of year, when we’ve all got so much going on. It’s a way to say that we think everyone deserves to feel welcome, no matter how far away they come from, and that we believe the humanity we share is what this season is really all about.

Happy Holidays from Zeus Jones.