Building Stronger Families over Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day. And the easiest to lose track of.

Families lead busy lives. Every morning, it seems, parents work logistical miracles just to get the kids out the door on time. 

But this haste sometimes comes with undesirable tradeoffs, like missing out on the time for valuable check-ins at the start of the day. And in light of more options than ever for eating on the go, Cheerios needed to make breakfast at home matter again.

When families gather for breakfast, the benefits go far beyond nutrition.

You can get nutritional benefits from eating breakfast; but bigger benefits come from sharing this meal as a family. These include better family dynamics, better academic and social skill development for children.

Working with the Family Dinner Project, a group advocating the lasting benefits of dining with your loved ones, our research uncovered that seven minutes is all you need to create these positive connections at breakfast.

Family Breakfast Project

To help families connect over Cheerios in the morning, we created a guide that, together with the cereal, helps to nourish body and mind. It included a series of activities, conversation starters, tips and recipes to make breakfast easier and more meaningful.

Film Series

Working with Rikshaw Films, we created a series of videos to introduce the program and filmed a day-in-the life look at three families taking part in the project. This helped drive interactions that were twice as long as other areas on chee​rios​.com. Redesign

We redesigned chee​rios​.com to help make this and other programs go. Besides housing the videos and supporting content, we integrated the use of #familybreakfast to build conversations with bloggers, influentials and families everywhere.