Just Right
Disrupting Pet Food Through Personalized Nutrition

How can a big packaged goods brand cater to people who want the absolute best for their pet?

Competition in the dog food aisle is intense. Every day, it seems a new player comes on the scene with a new” point-of-view for what’s best for your dog. But we’re talking about off-the-shelf bags of food – an industry that most people don’t think has innovated much of late. Using that as a baseline, how could we transform the way people care for their dogs? This would require a new line of thinking, and quite possibly, utilizing technology in new ways.

There’s a way to deliver a new level of quality, premium feel and expertise. Personalize it.

Purina knows dogs. But no one knows your dog as well as you do.

We saw how brands in other categories were using personalization to deliver exceptional products and services. So we teamed with Purina to create this new high-end offering that would surpass competitors by giving dog owners a more active role in finding the right nutrition for their pets.

With the spring 2014 launch of Just Right, Purina became the first major pet care company to embrace this approach.

By treating dog owners as true partners in caring for pets, Just Right aims to dramatically change what people should expect from an ultra premium dog food.


Just Right marks a major evolution in the world of pet food. Instead of selecting from a range of readymade choices in stores, consumers can work directly with Purina to deliver nutrition for their dog that’s personalized to their precise specifications.


We designed a site to give dog owners a more powerful voice, combining their firsthand knowledge of their dog with Purina’s deep nutritional expertise. Owners input data like age, breed and size along with unique traits and preferences that owners know best.


When a dog’s profile is complete and an order has been placed, each customized blend is packed in a personalized bag with the dog’s name and photo, and shipped straight to the owner’s home. Have a question? Connect with a live expert 247.