Kix Cereal
Reimagining an Iconic Cereal Brand by Championing Creativity in Kids

How do you boost sales and rekindle cultural relevance? Better get creative.

Introduced in 1937, Kix is one of the longest standing cereal brands in America. From Professor Ponsby to Kid Tested Mother Approved,” the brand has taken on many incarnations over the years. 

One thing has never changed. KiX has always been a brand parents have turned for help in giving their child a healthy foundation. But with a host of other options for parents, KiX needed to reaffirm its role in their lives.

Mothers approve of healthy eating choices. They also dig creative kids.

Throughout the years, KiX has cultivated one of the most diverse socioeconomic customer bases in the cereal aisle. But no matter one’s background, the one thing they all have in common is a desire to see their kids succeed. Research has shown that success today is less defined by demographic and more by a child’s attitude towards creativity.

The problem is that America is experiencing a widespread creativity crisis. So we redirected the Kix brand around the purpose of kickstarting kids’ futures and got to work.

Visual Brand Language

To help us be as collaborative as possible, we simplified the brand language by updating key historical elements with a refreshed color palette, fun illustrations and new logo. Then we recruited a wide range of partners to bring the new VBL to life, including academics, media companies, toy companies, non-profits and bloggers that shared a similar goal of raising creative kids.

Kix Creativity Lab

We partnered with collaborators to create Kix Creativity Lab, a first-of-its-kind event to kickstart kid’s creativity. Through this event, we were able to create over 120 pieces of content and distributed them through social channels and a redesigned KiX​ce​re​al​.com. An independent analysis of our work found that this content was 17x more engaging than our competitors and 21x more viral.

Packaging Refresh

Since an average cereal box receives over 60 quality impressions during its lifecycle, we conservatively estimated the brand has 120MM impressions a year. We wanted to use that opportunity to spark creativity, not just talk about it. This result? Our redesigns turned the series of KiX boxes into a tool for creativity and built companion digital storybooks to inspire kids’ imaginations.