Evolving Online Health Care with Intuitive Mobile Design

Get­ting sick can grind life to a halt. But does the road to recov­ery have to be so slow?

In our fast-paced lives, it’s tough to slow down even if you or a family member gets sick. But if you fall under the weather, you have two options: thread the needle in trying to get an appointment with your doctor. Or look forward to a prolonged wait at Urgent Care.

Recognizing this reality, virtuwell by HealthPartners has transformed how people obtained access 24/7 to accurate diagnoses and prescriptions for over 40 of the most common ailments. For a small fee (depending on your insurance), a patient could work through a simple set of questions on the desktop experience, get a diagnosis and a prescription sent to their pharmacy, and be on the road to recovery from a sinus infection or pink eye in around 30 minutes or less.

The site was fast, affordable and intuitive. But it was missing serving as many people as it could be. So virtuwell asked for our help in reshaping how access to health care could work in our always-connected culture.

The tools are there for tech­nol­o­gy to bridge the gap between patient and care, regard­less of how a patient access­es it.

With so many things instantly available in today’s world, virtuwell knew that a simple mobile experience were an expectation for its likely users, but were widely unavailable in traditional health care.

This way, people could use their smartphone to work through a streamlined experience to get a diagnosis, a treatment plan and quite possibly, a prescription to get them back on the road to better health.

After successful launch of the desktop experience, it was time for virtuwell to make the online clinic easily accessible to people on the go.

UI Design

If you’re not feel­ing well, or car­ing for some­one who isn’t, you’re prob­a­bly in no mood for a clunky or over­ly com­plex UI. Com­bine this with the health­care industry’s ten­den­cy to feel cold, ster­ile and con­fus­ing. Using these sen­si­bil­i­ties as our guide, we designed our UI to be approach­able, yet ful­ly expert driven.


Stud­ies show that green and blue are sooth­ing col­ors for the sick. vir­tuwell was already key­ing into this, but we looked for the right ways to incor­po­rate it into our UI design. In addi­tion, our deliv­ery was right on the cusp of the flat UI move­ment. We took cues from Win­dows Metro before iOS 7 flat­tened every­thing in its design.

Mobile Site

With an extreme­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed back­end sys­tem, our team worked close­ly with virtuwell’s engi­neers to design an intu­itive, ful­ly respon­sive mobile expe­ri­ence that could be applied dynam­i­cal­ly. Since launch­ing the mobile site, near­ly 13 of all vir­tuwell users access the clin­ic from a smart­phone or tablet.

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