Creativity at the core

Zeus Jones sits at the intersection of strategic consultancies and creative agencies.
Zeus Jones sits at the intersection of strategic consultancies and creative agencies.

Dig the big questions

Creativity is about what you do, not just what you say.

As a hybrid creative and strategic partner, we solve the toughest problems not by reacting to culture, but by understanding and shaping where culture will go.

Fluidity over process

Strategy is only as useful as its application.

That’s why we let creative inform strategy and strategy inform creative. We have fuzzy lines between roles. No waterfall processes. No account people. And no attitudes.

We think work is a practice. That means we’re always reinventing how the work gets done.

Growth above everything

Inertia is the enemy.
Momentum is the antidote.

Individually, we embrace the freedom to define our own career paths, and reinvent as needed. Collectively, we push each other to be brave, whether we’re sharing ideas or coming up with new ones.

We all have expertise at something — but no matter the subject, we believe everyone in the room has something valuable to say. We’re motivated by people, and the energy we get from one another.

Eye on the big picture

Business should be a force for good, both for people and the world at large.

The best businesses are profitable because they solve problems that shape a better way of living.

We’ve been independent since day one, and plan to stay that way. We control our destiny, our ways of working, and our impact. To help us and others thrive, we recently launched Nostos, a community of agencies that want to remain strong and independent.

Certified B Corporation

Business should sustain and enrich everyone. Read why we're a B Corp™.

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