Purpose & Impact

Business as a force for good

At Zeus Jones, our purpose is to unite creative, cultural, societal, and commercial progress to advance humankind. Our values guide our internal culture and the work that we do with clients.

Imagine Bigger

We believe imagination is the most vital asset in business today.

Take Action Every Day

Ambition is nothing without action. We ensure there is consistent, tangible progress against our ambitions every day.

Impact & Effectiveness

We think of impact as two-fold: the impact we can make on your business, and the impact that we can make on the world, together.

Cooperation Over Competition

We believe cooperation is a more powerful and effective path forward for business than competition. Businesses that lean into cooperation will thrive.

Our company was founded in 2007 on the belief that actions speak louder than words.

As we've grown, we've been amazed by the actions businesses are taking to make the world better. We pursued B Corp™ certification to join the many other like-minded companies dedicated to bettering themselves and the world. Since becoming certified in 2020, we've now been B Corp™ Re-Certified.

Certification is just the first step—we're excited to join the community of companies on a mission to redefine how business can be a positive force.

Progress is a journey, not just a designation. Here's how we're moving forward.

For our company

We're pledging to work with at least 50% local, independent businesses. We've also founded a community that helps independent companies thrive.

For our people

We've set equitable pay among our staff, in addition to creating an environment where everyone's humanity and growth is a priority.

For our clients

We will continue to find new ways to put social impact at the core of business, with a focus on clients who can create systemic change.

For our community

We believe equity and good should start at home. We support our local ecosystem by helping small businesses and non-profits thrive.

We're always looking for like-minded partners who make us better.