Envi­sion­ing the Future of Food

Food is changing fast. It’s playing a bigger role in the way people think about health and lifestyle, and it’s playing a bigger role in our environment and the world we share. The future of food lies in considering how it’s grown, how it interacts with your body, and how it impacts the world.

To bring the future of food to life, we took a different approach than the usual 50-page trend report. We created a future-forward food company, called ono, from start to finish.


Three essential elements of the future of food:

  1. The future of food is personal.

    People want insight into how food affects their bodies, and they need delicious, accessible food that meets their needs. That means the market is ripe for disruption by brands that make food into a force for personal health.

  2. The future of food responds to change.

    Food trends are changing faster than ever. But we can gather data on human needs faster, too. That information transforms the food innovation cycle into a way to respond fast to what people need – but only if manufacturing can keep up.

  3. The future of food depends on transforming the supply.

    Successful, long-term disruption has to change the food supply. In order to feed everyone, we have to grow food differently, and that means that vertical farming, lab-grown meat, and alternative protein sources will reshape food as we know it.

“The successful food company of the future will make the act of eating well responsible, delicious, and personal.”