The Next Wave of Branding

Modern brands have moved beyond merely projecting an image. Instead of just connecting, they’re shape-shifting — often by creating new value through services, experiences, and, most importantly, unexpected cultural relevance.

The emerging rules of next wave brands:

  1. Prioritize experiences over everything else.

    Brands tend to focus on the broadest actions with the broadest impact. But increasingly, consumer perception of a brand is shaped by small experiences that have big emotional impact. Next wave brands make experiences into their biggest opportunities.

  2. Keep adapting and creating new things.

    Brands tend to focus on what’s worked in the past – the products and concepts they were built on. But next wave brands are adaptable – the don’t just react to change, they see it as an opportunity and go after it.

  3. Don't let structure get in the way of progress.

    Traditional organizations often have hard lines between disciplines and departments. But in a world where products, experiences, and services may do most of your brand’s talking, the organizational structure and approach that’s worked before may need to go the way of the dodo.

“The next wave brand understands that change happens all the time, for everyone, and adapts accordingly.”