Eric Frost

Eric works as a Cre­ative at Zeus Jones, spe­cial­iz­ing in cre­at­ing com­pelling expe­ri­ences and ideas that bring strate­gies to life, answer­ing the office phone and help­ing peo­ple con­nect to the wire­less network.

Before work­ing at Zeus Jones, Eric was a Group Cre­ative Direc­tor in the Inter­ac­tive depart­ment at Fallon,

and had a brief career as an HTML mon­key after decid­ing that work­ing as a teacher and starv­ing poet in San Fran­cis­co wouldn’t pay off his mas­sive stu­dent loans. In Eric’s spare time, he enjoys read­ing, writ­ing, and con­coct­ing elab­o­rate sto­ries to enter­tain his daughters.

Little Known Talents

  • Veg­e­tar­i­an cooking
  • Women’s fash­ion consultant
  • Dun­geon Master

Keys to Eric’s Heart

  • Food: Choco­late malts and BBQ
  • Music: Click-hop
  • Experience: Intel­li­gent con­ver­sa­tion while drink­ing whisky or wine