Rob White

Rob works as a Strategist at Zeus Jones, specializing in…

Before working with a rogue gang of competitive soda drinkers to start this company,

he was the president of Fallon and an aspiring military codebreaker. Now he breaks down the codes of millennials into business strategies for companies large and small and translates the codes of his native Scotland back to millennials who don’t even know what slàinte” means. In between meetings, he likes to court the attention of the office’s Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, Nico, to varied success.

Little Known Talents

  • Hunt and peck typing
  • Getting to the airport at the last minute while still making his flight
  • Dealing with jellyfish stings and fighting off scorpions

Keys to Rob’s Heart

  • Food: Haggis
  • Music: 2 Chainz
  • Experience: Poaching the cuddliest dog or baby in the office