Loyalty Innovation

Loyalty Innovation

Creating an emotional connection that builds long-term brand love.

Shaping deeper relationships

Traditional loyalty is transactional. Most brands miss the opportunity to make an emotional connection with their consumers.

Some membership programs have moved beyond points and rewards into experiences—but we don't think that's enough. We need to make a deeper connection—to build a relationship, and make consumers feel like members of our community. By bringing people deeper into the brand's ecosystem, we can ensure interactions with the brand's loyalty program will amplify a person's love for the brand—giving them unexpected value at every turn.

At Zeus Jones, we've guided this transformation for brands like Nike, Apple and Nordstrom. We believe loyalty can deepen and amplify the core brand promise. 

How it works


Setting the course

We'll audit your current program to understand what your brand needs and what's working with your current loyalty program. Then we use your purpose to align on what kind of membership program will drive deeper engagement.


Loyalty Value Proposition
Ecosystem Strategy
Experience Principles
Consumer Learning


Designing Key Moments

Don't follow a rigid operations process. Instead, design key moments for people to intersect. Let's meet consumers where they are and provide real value—even in single interactions.


Experience Roadmap
Marker Moments
Touchpoint Design


Implementation + Optimization

We'll implement your program across your company, weaving a deeper emotional connection across all of your current offerings. We'll track what's working, finesse your offerings roadmap, and ensure your loyalty program is bringing people deeper into the brand.


Operations + Implementation
Loyalty Field Guide
Program Management

Here's the change you'll see.

A deeper value placed on emotional connection.


Promotion Driven
Save Consumers Money
Linear Journeys
Rigid Playbooks
Add On


Emotion Driven
Make Consumers Better
Marker Moments
Fluid Principles
Always On

We launched a major apparel company's first membership program. We helped redefine and reposition the digital tracking service.

We defined the principles of a large technology company's world-class care experience. Moving from a reactive "support" program to a service that brings people even deeper into the brand.

We helped a prominent retailer create a higher-end experiential layer of rewards to extend beyond the simple “earn and burn” model, and developed an entry layer for Rewards that allowed younger consumers to participate.

We used our loyalty principles to launch a DTC brand that helped change people's relationship with food. We designed experiences around education, community support, coaching, and food delivery to keep members coming back.


Ready to build a loyalty program that reflects your brand's purpose?

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