Market Creation

Market Creation

We help the world's most innovative companies turn their boldest ambitions into thriving new markets and categories.

Culture creates markets.

Nearly 40% of CEOs think their companies won't be ‘economically viable’ within the next decade without major changes. — PWC 2023

A lot stands in the way of transformative growth. Future forecasts are fuzzy and fragmented. Most business strategies are incremental, not transformative. Future market visions are not inspiring and/or not actionable enough. Plus, culture is hardly treated as a critical force sustaining new markets’ growth.

By envisioning the future together with industry-leaders like Apple, Nike and Nestlé, as well as industry-disruptors like Oobli, GreenLab and Dimensional Energy, we’ve developed an entirely new approach to Market Creation.

Creating Beauty out of Chaos

We help businesses imagine better futures and build toward them with conviction. AI-bolstered foresight, culture mapping and creative future-back thinking is how we make it happen.


Future forecasts on consumer & tech trends

Culture-agnostic market strategies

Business justifications for each opportunity


AI-empowered foresight on the deepest macro shifts ahead

Culture used as a compass

Tangible, emotive, eye-opening depictions of new market scenarios

We bring emotion and imagination to the evolution of business

The Landscape

Envisioning Future Markets

We look at nascent science, demographic data, health, environmental and cultural evolutions to imagine the world 15 years from now and your thriving role in it.

How we do it

Trajectory Planning
Cultural Mindset
New Market Analysis

The Creative Leap

Creating New Categories

We create narratives filled with awe, emotion, and meaning. We build new offerings, content, and actions with the power to shape up new market categories.

How we do it

Creative World Building
Experience Stories
Category Creation Platform & Actions

The Support System

Re-Wiring Organizations for Growth

We map which capabilities will be needed in the future. We help leaders engineer a growth ecosystem and foster mutually beneficial partnerships that transform entire categories.

How we do it

Capability Identification & Planning
Partnerships Philosophy
Category Engineering

Let's imagine and create the future for your business, together.

Meet an ecosystem of future-building partners, united by the same commitment to making business more beneficial to all.