Exciting News About The Future of the Zeus Jones Partnership
October 15th | 2018
by Dave Annis

We have some exciting news to announce! But first, some preamble.

When the founding partners at Zeus Jones got together 11 years ago, they set off to create a company that would remain independent, owned and operated by successive generations of Zeus Jones employees long into the future. This independence remains absolutely crucial to our business today. It allows us to continually experiment, explore and evolve on our own terms without answering to any outside influence that doesn’t care deeply about the vision, values and principles that drive our culture.

So for us, succession planning is a critical part of our future and a lot of companies don’t spend enough time on it. Often founders wait too long before transitioning responsibility and ownership.

We’ve spent the last 2 years thinking about, planning, and re-writing our partnership agreements with an eye toward bringing on future leaders as soon as possible in order to create a stable transition over many years.

And now we’re ready to start expanding our partner group and begin building the next generation of leadership here.

Handing the keys over isn’t the only reason to expand the partner group, however. We also need fresh perspectives and new ideas that will drive our growth and ensure we continue to evolve ahead of the curve. That growth will come in the form of better output, new kinds of work, stronger relationships and new ways of working together – all with an eye toward delivering more value to our clients and building an even stronger, more diverse culture.

We’re incredibly lucky at Zeus Jones to have a large number of people here that can and will help ZJ grow in each of these areas now and in the future.

To help us kick-start the next generation, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve invited Amanda Zweerink and Beth Larson to join the partner group.

Over the last 6 years, Amanda has led strategic initiatives for some of the fastest growing clients by combining an empathetic understanding of their business needs and organizational complexities with the cultural context that their customers live within. In addition to delivering valuable strategic direction for our clients, she’s also led a number of internal initiatives aimed at creating a more supportive Zeus Jones culture with a focus on individual growth and development. Outside of Zeus Jones, Amanda is also the Vice President & Communications Co-Chair for MPLS Madwomen, an organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in the creative industry.

Beth Larson has brought a continuous improvement mindset to Zeus Jones over the last 6 years as well, often seeing possibility where others see roadblocks. Beth has been instrumental in continually evolving how we approach and execute our work in new and innovative ways that constantly set a higher bar for what’s possible. Beth has also helped us evolve as an organization through her focus on constructing high performing teams in a way that sets up our teams – and our clients – for success.

Both Amanda and Beth exemplify the kind of leadership we value here at Zeus Jones. Leaders that create impact through the work we do, allowing us to act as true partners with our clients. Who push the boundaries of what’s possible and align their personal ambitions with the ambitions of Zeus Jones. And who help us build a strong culture that isn’t afraid of change, but holds true to its values and principles.

We couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter with Amanda and Beth as the first additions to a growing partnership.