How Flying the Whole Company to Canada Brought Us Closer
June 7th | 2017
Claire Dawson

This year, in March, Zeus Jones turned 10 years old.

It’s been a pretty amazing ride so far, and we’re proud of and humbled by the many great relationships we’ve established with the people and companies we’ve called our partners and clients. We’ve had a chance to help make fundamental change inside some of the world’s biggest organizations, and it’s been incredibly exhausting, rewarding and fun. But, for our 10-year celebration, we didn’t really want to look backward. Instead, we wanted to get together and think about what the future looked like - and how to make it better.

So, with that pretty lofty goal in mind, we needed some serious inspiration and excitement, and a way to truly stop and focus on the future. Because Vancouver had been impressing and seducing us for a while, it didn’t take us long to decide that’s where we wanted to go. It did, however, take a little longer to plan how to get everyone in the company there and make sure we were all housed and fed.

So, what happened?

Well, it was a pretty amazing week. For a lot of us – for most of us, even – our trip to Vancouver became more than just a chance to think about business, brands, and innovation. It became a chance to think about who we want to be. And not just for Zeus Jones as a company, but also for Zeus Jones as a collection of people.

Because, as it turns out, and as we discovered more tangibly and emotionally than ever before up there with our neighbors to the north, we care about each other and how we support each other more than just about anything else. Yes, we want to succeed as a company, and we want to push brands and marketing and industry toward a better future – but we want to do it because we want a better future for all of us. For ourselves, for the world, and most definitely for the colleagues that make every day a day we’re happy to come to work.

One of the most important parts of Vancouver was spending time together.

We ate amazing food, we drank (a lot of) amazing drinks, and we saw amazing things. The beauty of the landscape was unparalleled, and the city itself had incredible perspectives to offer – both of nature and of industry. To take advantage of all of it, we split up into groups that explored according to what interested us the most.

Some of us went to Maker Labs, where we learned that bringing people with different goals, products, and ideas together under one roof opens up new horizons for everyone.

Some of us went to HCMA Architecture, where we learned that bringing personal passions to the work we do every day and striving to make the world a better place will always make us stronger.

Some of us went to Launch Academy, where we learned that there’s no right way to find your purpose – and that when everyone works purposefully, everyone works better.

Some of us went to Archiact VR Studio, where we learned that experimenting for the sake of learning will never go unrewarded, and sometimes results in the biggest successes.

And all of us went to THNK, where we learned that we’re never better than when we know and respect what makes every single one of us unique.

In the end, we learned too much to say in one blog post.

There’ll be more to come on all of those topics as we look back on what we learned and look forward to what we’re going to do next. On top of all that industry-related discovery, we also got inspired by the city and culture of Vancouver itself – by checking out the food scene, the natural beauty, the shopping, or just by renting bikes and getting out into the city.

But, more importantly, we talked to each other. We spent time together. We learned new things about the people we see every single day. And maybe that’s the most meaningful thing we did.

Because, when it comes down to it, there’s some kind of magic at Zeus Jones that has drawn together this group of people that’s more intelligent, more motivated, more creative, and more compassionate than we ever dreamed was possible. And when we get together and talk about what makes us excited, what drives us to achieve, and what we want to do for the world, we’re caught up in each other’s energy in a way that makes all of us even better.

So Vancouver, where we stopped and thought about each other, and who we are together, and how we can make the best of what we all have to offer? It turned that energy into a fire – one that warms us all every single day, that’s ignited our vision for the future, and that burns brighter than it ever has before.