It’s Zeus Jones’ 7th Anniversary. Here’s a Look at What The Agency Could Have Been Called.
March 1st | 2014
by Becky Lang

Naming is incredibly hard.

If you've ever been involved in a naming process, you know just how much work is involved finding a name that's meaningful but not overly telegraphic, evocative but not overly clever, and more importantly, not taken yet by someone or something else.

To make a client feel better about a naming process this week, ZJ CEO Rob White shared just how hard naming Zeus Jones was back in the day. The final result, he said, only came about when everyone was drinking lots of whisky, and it was actually the brainchild of a ZJ founder's wife. While most people liked the idea of mashing a god (Zeus) with a regular guy (Jones), it took awhile for the name to fully grow on everyone. Such is the case with naming though. We have to grow into our names.

Curious about what the other name candidates were, I asked to see them. Luckily, Eric Frost had them on an old hard drive. They show a lot more restraint than the rejected names I often come up with for things!

  • Radium 
  • M-Theory 
  • Neumonic 
  • Velocity Labs 
  • Propellent 23 
  • Yellow Gray Black 
  • CAREC 
  • Element 79 
  • Hypersonic 
  • Ghost Owl 
  • Roar

Ghost Owl has to be a band somewhere.

Happy anniversary Zeus!