Welcoming Our Not-Interns
June 15th | 2016

A few months ago, we announced a shift to how Zeus Jones thinks about internships.

While internships are typically structured as a learning opportunity for those hired on, this program does not stop at being only that (though that is part of its intent). In addition, our goal is for Zeus Jones to learn from this group of outsiders.

While we’re “officially” calling this team The Assembly, due to the collaborative, fluid nature of their structure, I’ve been affectionately referring to them as the Not-Interns because, well, they’re not.

Over the course of the next three months, The Assembly will spend the majority of their time hacking a challenge in new product innovation for one of our clients. In order for us to learn, we’ll be giving them space to experiment (and perhaps fail along the way), while also checking in with them as they progress — to offer guidance, certainly, but also to observe how they hack problems in new ways.

When not working on this project, each will spend a small amount of their time pitching in on other client projects that could benefit from their particular area of expertise.

Each member of The Assembly (or not-intern) brings distinct perspectives, experiences and personalities to Zeus Jones. They also bring specific skills we do not currently have on staff. We’re incredibly excited to have them with us… and see what they’re capable of (no pressure, guys!).

Today, we have five fresh minds to introduce:

Natalie is a graphic designer by trade, interested in how the worlds of design and strategy blur together. Inspired by a recent trip to Cuba, she re-branded an entire country in her application for The Assembly.

With a background in operations and project management, Matt is in the midst of a career shift toward experience design. He thought Zeus Jones would be the perfect place to apply his current business strategy and operations skill set while learning more about marketing.

A lobbyist by day, Ben comes to us during his slow season all in the name of trying something new. In particular, he hopes to learn more about how the relationship between businesses and customers compares with the relationship between private institutions and government.

Sammy is a recent grad of Iowa State University’s Industrial Design program. Particularly interested in experience and service design, Sammy applied to The Assembly in hopes to expand her skill set by working in an interdisciplinary team.

Also an industrial designer and recent graduate, Nathan spent time designing packaging, medical devices and even the interior of aircrafts before coming to Zeus Jones. Interested in how all facets of design blur together, he hopes to gain some brand design experience via The Assembly.

Stay tuned for more updates from The Assembly!