What Your Wardrobe and Modern Branding Have in Common
August 6th | 2015

As a new mom of a 6-month old, life is busy. Really busy.

Mornings are a blur of packing up the day’s bottles, feeding the dog, answering a few quick emails, and somehow managing to pull myself together and not forget my laptop.Thank goodness that “meh hair” is trending. So it didn’t take long, after returning to work and juggling too many things at once, to decide it was time to simplify my life and my morning routine.

I’d read about capsule wardrobes, and to me they seemed like a great way to look good and spend less time and money doing it. The idea behind capsule wardrobes is pretty simple – create a small set of clothes that are your absolute favorites. All pieces should be basic and versatile enough to be mixed and matched. You have a finite number of items, so if you buy something new for your current capsule you have to rotate something else out. You switch your capsule for each season. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Taking everything out of your closet. Pick out all of your go-to items. The stuff you wear again and again and again.
  2. Identify your personal style. What are the pieces that make you feel good? What flatters you most? What’s your “uniform”?
  3. Get rid of all the crap. Stop buying new crap.
  4. Create your new mix: 35 or so pieces that you’ll wear this season. Mix in bottoms, tops, shoes, outerwear, etc. Workout clothes and loungewear don’t count (good news for my sweatpants collection).

As I went through the process of creating my own capsule wardrobe, I realized it’s not all that different from how we approach our work at Zeus Jones. We evaluate what we’ve got, build a new foundation, decide what goes/gets kept, and then create something that’s a blend of old and new, but tailored and refined.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We get to know you. We want to know your brand inside and out. So we talk to all the stakeholders, audit your communications (past and present), look at brands who have been in similar situations, and learn about your manufacturing/product design/operations/R&D and competitors. Our goal is to get to know as much as we can about your audience, industry, marketing, and business practices to identify the strengths and assets of your brand.
  2. We use those unique strengths and assets and your brand’s unique role in the market to establish a modern strategic framework. We use a Belief, Purpose, and Pursuits framework to articulate what your brand’s belief is about the world, what its role is, and what actions it takes. These elements become the guide for all future actions.
  3. With a modern strategic framework in place, it’s easier to evaluate all the actions and content your brand is currently creating. The things that fall outside of the framework suddenly feel very obvious, which makes it easy to scale back and re-think platforms, content, actions, and anything else your brand is currently spending time and resources on.
  4. We create a set of actions, tools, and platforms your brand uses to bring its new belief and purpose to life. We create focus for your brand, so that the time and resources spent are working hard to achieve business goals.

Now that I’ve adopted a capsule closet approach I feel refreshed – and, in a way, “rebranded.” A smaller wardrobe of great pieces is far more versatile and easier to manage than a closet full of mediocre items. The result for our clients is much the same. We create simplified, modern, and practical plans rooted in a strong foundation that give brands the tools they need to present themselves well in the world. It’s a matter of making great choices easy – something that, surprisingly, my favorite boyfriend jeans and a modern way of thinking about brands have in common.