Dimensional Energy

Fueling a fossil-free future that’s more equitable for all.

The work

Climate change is by far the biggest problem facing our world, and Dimensional Energy has created a bold solution: transforming carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as well as everyday products like surf wax. To showcase the impact of their revolutionary carbon utilization platform, they partnered with Zeus Jones to forge a strategy for communicating their vision. As they worked to scale their technology, we evolved their brand strategy, positioning, and brand identity to help them usher in this new future of energy.

Our roles

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Design and Development
  • Investor Presentation

“Zeus Jones transitioned our identity to a globally iconic energy brand—recognizable at any scale and sitting comfortably next to any of the big incumbents like Shell. This work sets the foundation for the next century of clean energy infrastructure development for industrial decarbonization.”

Jason Salfi, founder and CEO at Dimensional Energy

The Opportunity

Make world-changing technology easy to understand—and easy to get excited about.

By reimagining carbon dioxide as an untapped resource ready to replace fossil carbon (with no special equipment needed), Dimensional Energy is committed to working with companies to cut global emissions 11% by 2050. In the beginning, as they expanded and announced partnerships, telling the Dimensional Energy story in clear-cut, understandable terms was critical to create awareness and demand. We knew this would be a challenge, especially in a brand new category that is full of unproven tech and vaporware. We saw this pivotal moment as an opportunity to support the brand and its vision for the future in a deeper, more meaningful way. So we took our partnership one step further, infusing the brand with fresh creative, but also with cash—making the startup the first investment of Demos, our investment arm.

Our Approach

Combining creative and capital in the name of decarbonization.

To accelerate demand for SAF, people need to be aware of it and ask airlines to start using it. So it was vital that our work capture the excitement and possibility of Dimensional Energy’s technology. All of us have a stake in climate change, and we had to equip Dimensional Energy to speak to everyone from consumers to scientists to potential investors, tailoring how the brand shows up to each audience. As part of this process, we helped them lean further into—and sharpen the way they communicate about—their prioritization of climate justice.

We created a vision, design system, and brand voice that would help Dimensional Energy explain their next-generation fuel technology in ways that feel real and approachable, and that walk the line between scientific theory and day-to-day applications. A language of shape-based symbols helped distinguish different elements of the brand and its technologies. And as investors and creative partners, all of our creative work benefitted from our symbiotic relationship and deeper understanding of the company’s ethos.

“These are the hardest and most rewarding challenges in branding: Make a complex and technical process feel engaging and inspiring—all while supporting an essential mission. As creative partners and investors, we’re so proud of this work and the contribution it makes.”

Adrian Ho, Strategist and Partner at Zeus Jones; Managing Partner at Demos

The Outcome

Articulating—and funding—the bold new future of energy.

Through a unique visual style, robust and transparent content, and doubling down on the importance of climate justice, we helped establish Dimensional Energy as a leader in the carbon transformation space. Our work culminated in an entirely new mission, vision, values, positioning, logo, visual brand language, and website, as well as an investor presentation.

Amid one of the worst environments for startups over the past few years, Dimensional Energy had an oversubscribed Series A round, earning $20 million against its goal of $15 million, including investments from United Airlines and Microsoft. As investors, we saw firsthand the impact that Zeus Jones creative can have on early-stage companies. That unique point of view, and our alignment with Dimensional Energy’s vision, helped us refine our Demos model and be more confident investors as we embark on similar relationships with other startups.

Our team

Alex Register
Chelsea Frimpong
Eric Frost
Gordon McIntyre-Lee
Liv Stark
Melissa Rothman
Sam Stanfield
William Fendler

Our partners

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