A video loop of Shower Infusion Pods packaging, botanical floral imagery and young woman using Sprig by Kohler products.

Sprig by Kohler

Building a new go-to-market capability for a century-old design leader.

The work

Kohler, a global leader in design, had quietly invented a new product that introduced spa-quality aromatherapy into any shower setup. Much more than a simple bathroom gadget, it offered a new approach to self-care that fit seamlessly into consumers’ daily routines rather than adding another to-do to their list. It also gave Kohler an opportunity to launch a direct-to-consumer selling strategy that brought the company into new markets and conversations around wellness. Kohler partnered with Zeus Jones to carve out a niche in the wellness space for this promising product. Together we researched audience needs and mindsets, crafted a compelling strategy, created a brand, and brought it all to life in a digital storefront.

Our roles

  • Business Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design and Development
  • Product Launch
  • Audience Segmentation

The Opportunity

Turn routine into ritual by infusing a daily task with wellness benefits.

There’s no shortage of aromatherapy brands and products in the rapidly growing universe of wellness offerings, all of which promise restoration and relaxation. Yet these products often require extra time and effort—which is at odds with the very purpose of self-care. Kohler’s new aromatherapy infusion system offered a way for wellness seekers to maximize the minutes they already spend on their daily shower. This idea—turning daily routines into wellness rituals, amplified by Kohler’s expertise in the power of water—became the defining strategy for the new brand.

Sprig logo embossed on a pale blue-green background and surrounded by green leaves.

Our Approach

Growing a restorative brand from the ground up.

Kohler and Zeus Jones embarked on a segmentation of the wellness market, kicked off with a three-day inspiration tour of up-and-coming wellness experiences in Los Angeles. We found that for many, wellness had actually become stressful, requiring significant investment and dedicated time. As much as people wanted to enhance personal wellbeing, “self-care fatigue” had set in. A big hurdle was time: the more things they added to their wellness ritual, the harder it was to make room for any of them.

We worked with Kohler to plant the new product’s spot in the wellness universe, moving from defining customer segments into foundational brand strategies. We explored naming and brand identity with brand prototypes before landing on Sprig for its representation of the natural botanicals that Kohler uses in product formulation. Next came art direction, copy, packaging and experience design. Along with development partners at Clockwork, we designed and built an e-commerce site.

Close-up of a man’s hand inserting a “Recharge”-scented Shower Infusion Pod into a Sprig Shower Infusion showerhead, with blue tile behind.
Several colorful shower infusion pods laid out on a cream-colored surface.

“We created an identity that could flex to support Sprig as they launched more product lines and explored potential partnerships. The system of colors and botanical illustrations can be updated easily within flexible layouts for any new products or blends.”

Kenzie Ross, Designer at Zeus Jones

An open cardboard box showing the Shower Infusion Starter Kit, which includes the Sprig Shower Infusion Device, installation tools and three infusion pods.

The Outcome

Letting Sprig bloom.

Sprig was one of Kohler’s first experiments in engaging an audience without relying heavily on its core brand equities: high-end design and architectural excellence. The result—a brand and digital experience that speaks to users’ rituals first—is an elegant and engaging implementation of this new approach. Sprig is now rolling out its initial ecosystem of products, which includes the shower infusion system along with bath and spa products, to positive press from wellness and tech publications.

The total experience—from first encounter, to digital exploration, to unboxing and first trial—carries the restorative spirit of Sprig. And it represented a breath of fresh air not only for Kohler, but for people seeking a little bit of balance in an increasingly hectic world.

Shield shower infusion pod packaging shown on a pale blue background, with water droplets.
Our team

Alex Gaterud
Beth Larson
Brad Surcey
Elana Gurney
Foram Nyberg
Francine Thompson
Kathy McGrath
Kenzie Ross
Kristan Nolan
Missy Reinikainen
Morgan Hay-Chapman
Rob White
Sam Stanfield
Sarah Herberg

Our partners

Clockwork 💻

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