The Future is Participatory

Identity today is a work in progress

We have more ways than ever to broadcast our always-evolving selves,but brands aren’t keeping pace.

Rigidity & Control are still mostly the standard. Instead, we see a need for participatory creative that encourages fluid expression...

So what did we do?

We looked at AR (augmented reality) as a place where technology and people are merging in the service of identity-building.

So, we partnered with rising nonbinary musician Dua
to experiment with depictions of identity.

And we worked with four AR artists who could help usmake the project participatory.

So, what is the project?

We created the first-ever fan-contributed music video made entirely of custom Instagram face filters for a new song by the rising recording artist, Dua Saleh—an openly queer, nonbinary artist who embodies fluidity in all aspects of life.

Our filter designers were selected for their individual styles and technical capabilities.We collaborated on design, functionality and launch.

The filters use the language of the selfie with a really high-tech output.

Our team landed on four distinct filters that represented our principles of fluidity:

  • Refraction
  • Array
  • Fluid
  • Undefined

Launch via open call

‍Friday, Dec 6, 2019: “Pretty Kitten” launch via an open call on Dua Saleh’s Instagram profile.

The Launch Party

We also curated a secret invite-only launch event. Fans were able to connect with Dua Saleh, learn how to play with the filters and interact with them in vibrant and engaging spaces.

The Result

After launch, fans had four days to submit unlimited clips.

We incorporated the best submissions into the final official music video, which premiered on The
on Dec 13, 2019.

The result is participatory brand storytelling that evolves with (and for) every user.

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