Christian Erickson

Chris­t­ian works as a Cre­ative at Zeus Jones, spe­cial­iz­ing in think­ing, mak­ing, tan­gling and wrangling.

Before work­ing at Zeus Jones Chris­t­ian was a CD-ROM devel­op­er, musi­cian, Flash ani­ma­tor and goth kid.

In his free time…ah for­get it he has no free time. But he loves hang­ing with his fam­i­ly, mak­ing beats and explor­ing the city’s many green spaces.

Little Known Talents

  • A sol­id bari­tone that has been com­pared to Stipe more than a few times.
  • Pret­ty good at Doc­tor Who”-related trivia.
  • Can recite about 90% of the movie Robo­cop” from memory.

Keys to Christian’s Heart

  • Food: Aji
  • Music: Yes
  • Experience: As many as possible