Infrastructure For Modern Brands
August 25th | 2015

While the philosophy around Modern Branding is now well trodden, there hasn’t been as much thinking and development around how to implement and operationalize it.

Specifically, can a brand operate entirely in a modern way? Can a brand accomplish everything it must without the use of traditional advertising or communications? Can a brand rely almost exclusively upon its products, service(s), experiences and interactions to be profitable and to grow?

Increasingly, these are the questions we’re being asked and so over the last year or so, we’ve been thinking more about it. We haven’t solved it by any stretch but we are making progress. Importantly, we’ve been focusing on infrastructure and the need for brands to own their infrastructure, rather than simply rent it (i.e. paid advertising on someone else’s media network).

This deck is a slightly modified version of the one we’re using to discuss and develop infrastructure for our clients. I’d love to know what you think.

Infrastructure for modern brands